John A. Kelley

John A. "Old John" Kelley started the Boston Marathon in 1928 and

1932, but failed to go the distance both times. In 1933, at age 26, he finally succeeded, crossing the famous Boston finish line in 3:03:56.

Over the next six decades, Kelley (born Sept. 6, 1907) would win two Bostons, and finish second seven times. In his lifetime, he completed Boston an amazing 58 times. This still stands as a record for Boston finishes. (Kelley also dropped out one more time, giving him a 58 out of 61 start/finish record.)

Kelley ran his last Boston in 1992, at age 84, finishing in about 5:58. Just four years earlier, at 80, he ran a sparkling 4:26:36.

He died on Oct. 6, 2004.

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