This web site honors runners who have completed at least one marathon in each of 7 consecutive decades of their lives. It is dedicated to "Old John" A. Kelley, the first to do so.
John A. Kelley

At present, there are six known members: Kelley, Darryl Beardall, Amby Burfoot, Jeff Galloway, Daniel Larson, and Keizo Yamada. 

There are surely others. We simply haven't discovered them yet. When we do, we will add them here.

Some of these runners reached 7 decades the "hard way"--starting in their 20s, and then running a marathon in their 80s (Kelley, Yamada, Beardall). Others followed the "easy way"--starting in their teens, and running a marathon in their 70s. 

See the Runners page for more information on each of the 7 Decades Marathon members.

We hope to welcome many more runners, from around the globe, to the 7 Decades Marathon group. Also: The race is on to see who can reach 8 Decades.
Keizo Yamada, Amby Burfoot, John A. Kelley, probably 1996

Run long and healthy.